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Revocation of direct debit authorization

What happens if I revoke my direct debit authorization?

We will, of course, comply with the revocation of a direct debit authorization. However, according to the association’s statutes, every member is obligated to grant a direct debit authorization. The COVID-19 crisis, which has posed significant challenges to our financial situation as well, unfortunately, does not exempt us from this requirement. The statutes specify that the membership fee must be paid in advance for the quarter through direct debit. There is no permissible option to withdraw the direct debit authorization. Doing so would be considered a violation of the statutes by you as a member. You would be requested to fulfill the statutory obligation accordingly, and any resulting costs would be your responsibility. This also applies in cases of direct debit returns, fee payments by bank transfer, or partial payments toward the due membership fee. Please consider that our remarkably low fees are made possible, in part, by adhering to such standardized processes, which eliminate the need for individual administration of 60,000 member accounts.